Charity Central “20 in 2020” Donation Challenge

You are invited to participate in the WSQ Charity Central Challenge to donate 20 finished quilts in 2020. Groups and individuals are invited to complete as many quilts as they can to donate to Charity Central. In 2019, Charity Central gave away 400 quilts. This is an astounding number and I challenge us to do better. Members are invited to register for the Challenge at the January WSQ meeting. You can register as a group or as an individual. Groups can have as many as ten members with each member doing a part of the work of completing a quilt. One person can piece the front, one can piece the back, one can baste the quilt, one can quilt it, one can make the binding, and one can apply the binding. You decide what works best for your group. You can register as the small group you belong to or as a group of friends. Come up with a great group name to add to the fun.

Once the quilt is completed, it is turned in at the special Challenge station of Charity Central at the WSQ meeting. This Challenge is in addition to the regular Charity Central work, so if you choose not to enter the Challenge, please continue making and donating tops as usual.

Quilts for the Challenge can be made from our kits and tops or from your own stash and UFOs. If you have one of our kits, make the top, piece the back, quilt it with your walking foot, and bind it. If you picked up one of our kits to quilt, finish it, bind it, and turn it in. If you picked up a quilt to bind, finish it and turn it in. The last person or group to touch the quilt is the one who will get the credit. Some of our kits include the backing and the binding. Once the top, backing, and binding are made, you can request batting from us. We will have some batting to give out at the meetings and will bring some for you if you request it. We will do our best to provide all the batting needed, but if anyone wants to donate batting, even scrap batting, it would be greatly appreciated.

A pile of tops and yardage to complete the backings and bindings can be picked up at JoAnn Sandstrom’s house if groups would like to hold a quilting bee. You can “shop” for backing for the tops you complete from your own stash. We have hundreds of quilt tops and not a lot of help getting backings matched to them. This would be a good way for groups to get started.

Everyone that completes the Challenge will be entered into a drawing for one of twenty WSQ tote bags.  Each member of a group would be entered.  We will draw names until we have given away all the bags. 

The Challenge will run from January 2020 until January 2021.  The meeting in January 2021 will give you a choice to finish up the 2020 Challenge or start the 2021 Challenge.  I would like to make Charity Central and our quilt donation program a bigger part of our WSQ activities.  I think this is the most important work we do and makes a tremendous impact on our community.  I am hoping that participation in this Challenge will help you to meet more of your fellow members than those you currently know.  My wish is that it will bring us closer as a group and give us a lot of laughs while doing some very good work. Let’s do this!   

Kathleen Woods

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