50/ 50/ 50

Date Submitted: July 29, 2022

Date Last Modified: July 29, 2022

Pattern is called Catawampus.
Went into Quilt Patch Lane and saw it on the wall and wow! How much is that? Actually it's 50% off just today. Next went to clothing store 50% off sale! Went to a fund raiser that evening and won the 50/50.

Category: Modern Quilt Design

Drop Off Location: Darleene Boller (Colbert)

Professional Quilt Judging: No

Made By: Tracy Malbeuf VanDoren

Quilted By: Teresa Owens at Cuppa Tea Quilting

Pattern Designer: Karrie Winters of Freckled Whimsy

Width: 70

Length: 70

Perimeter: 280

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