Quilt of Valor

Date Submitted: April 28, 2022

Date Last Modified: August 2, 2022

Greater Spokane QOV – Quilt of Valor award/U.S. Navy veteran Alphonso Simioni, Korean War.  He was a railroader for 30 years. Caboose artwork & star blocks/Candy Huddleston; binding/Jessica Diettrich; top design & finish/Diane Watters. 


Category: Group Quilt, and/or Round Robin

Drop Off Location: Quilting Bee (Spokane Valley)

Drop Off Location: Anita Pederson (Spokane)

Professional Quilt Judging: No

Made By: Candy Huddleston & Diane Watters

Quilted By: Connie Bachmeier

Pattern Designer: Diane Watters/Candy Huddleston

Width: 60

Length: 80

Perimeter: 280

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