Quilt Show Categories:

1. Machine Quilted-Freehand

No computerized or digital quilting used

2. Machine Quilted-Computer Aided

Any portion quilted by computer, even if balance was freehand quilted

3. Hand Applique and/or Embroidery

Combination of piecing, Hand Applique-any type and/or Hand Embroidery ( Minimum size 144”)

4. Machine Embroidery and/or Applique

Any design, machine applique or machine embroidery, can be a computerized design

5. Hand Quilted

Must be entirely hand quilted, whole cloth, applique, piecing, hand embroidery or combination of techniques

6. Modern Quilt Design

Contemporary, bold, colorful, inspired by modern design, asymmetrical expansive negative space

7. Mixed Media

Combination of computerized & freehand quilting

8. Fabric Art Quilt, Original Design, Wall Display

(Size: up to 250”) must be entirely original design

9. Quilted Wall Hanging

(Size: up to 250”)

10. Small Quilted Home Décor, Wearable Art

11. Youth – Up to 18 years old

12. Juvenile Themed Quilt

Specifically intended for young, juvenile person; baby quilt, crib quilt, etc.

13. General, novelty, or combination of techniques

Any quilt is eligible-i.e. yo-yo, t-shirt, tied quilts

14. Group Quilt, and/or Round Robin

1 quilt made by 3 or more people

15. Wool Quilted Project

Item must have 3 layers-top, batting & backing, quilted by machine or hand & be at least 50% wool on top

16. WSQ Challenge

(Limited to WSQ members only) per instruction packet purchased at quarterly meetings

17. Machine Quilting Challenge

Limited to INMQ members only

18. Treasure Quilt

(Limited to INMQ members only) Antique Quilts or Quilt Blocks made into a quilt. (Minimum 160”)

Some categories will have sub-categories of Solo or Duo and/or Large or Small

Solo – Made and machine quilted by the same person.
Duo – Made and machine quilted by another person. 

The Registration Committee will determine the subcategory(s) for your entry based on the data entered in your registration form.

Note: If you have a small group challenge and want them hung together, please contact Kristin Echols at quiltshowreg@wsqspokane.org
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