The Margie Karavitis Award was set up years ago to honor Margie Karavitis who did exquisite hand
appliqué and hand quilting. Two of her quilts, “Cherry Rose” and “Oh My Stars” are in the National Quilting Museum in Paducah, KY. ( Photos of both quilts may be found on the WSQ website, courtesy of the National Quilt Museum.

Since many of our members did not know Margie, the Quilt Show Committee decided to explain the significance of the Award and to establish guidelines to encourage entries into the hand quilted categories.

There is no special category for the Award. Instead, quilts must be entered into the appropriate hand quilted category and meet the following requirements:

  1. Quilts must be made entirely by one person.
  2. They must be hand quilted.
    • Whole cloth quilts must be entirely hand quilted. Panels and stamped designs of any kind are not allowed.
    • Wool quilts with hand appliqué and hand quilting are also acceptable.
    • Sashiko by hand will also be considered.
  3. All appliqué must be done entirely by hand.
  4. Pieced quilts may be pieced by machine but must have large, open spaces to showcase the quilting. They must be entirely hand quilted.
  5. Quilts may be any size. Entries in the home dec category will NOT be considered.
  6. You may use a sewing machine to stitch hand appliquéd blocks together, attach sashings and borders, and attach binding to the top of the quilt. Binding must be finished by hand.

Judging will be done on Saturday afternoon.

Resources: There are innumerable videos online for hand appliqué and hand quilting. Here are three websites and several books:

Hand appliqué:

  • Pearl Pereira, has tutorials on her website
  • Anita Shackelford, Appliqué with Folded Cutwork, has a section on hand appliqué
  • Kitty Pippen and Sylvia Pippen, Asian Elegance
  • Edyta Sitar, Hop to It! Appliqué Blocks & Projects
  • Elly Sienkiewicz, Appliqué 23 Easy Ways and Beloved Baltimore Albums (to name only
    two of her many books)

Hand Quilting:

Please email or call Lorean Boornazian
Email: (email will work best)
Cell phone: 509-385-3721

"Cherry Rose" from the Collection of the National Quilt Museum, Paducah, Kentucky
"Oh My Stars" from the Collection of the National Quilt Museum, Paducah, Kentucky
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