The Quilt Show Committee currently needs volunteers to fill the following positions.  Please contact the chairperson of any committee you are interested in.  We are happy to answer any questions and find the position that works for you!

Registration Chair

This is a very large job. It consists of producing the registration forms and getting the packets ready for the back of the quilts. She usually gets the drop off people organized so that they can be listed on the back of the form. Once the registrations come in, she enters them in a spread sheet so that the set up chairman and the program book can use them. She has the cards for the quilts made up. She puts the first 100 pins on the quilts once they are hanging on set up day.

Set-up Chair

This is another large job. It is her responsibility to make sure that the floor layout for the show is ready with merchants and quilt layout. She needs to give the Spokane Valley Fire Marshall a copy of the layout and apply for the Fire Permit. She gives Lilac City Decorators a copy of the layout. She makes arrangements with the Featured quilter and recruits volunteers. She makes the book listing the quilts by number and location, made by and location, and quilted by and location.

Cashier Chair

The Head Cashiers provide volunteers to work at the registers and take money from attendees. They provide a hand stamp for re-admittance if needed and a program and ballot to each attendee. The cashiers provide the Chairman with attendance numbers to be used for planning purposes for budget and advertising.


It takes approximately 375 volunteers to put on the quilt show. Please contact the chairman of any Quilt Show Committee that you would like to help to sign-up. You can contact them from the “Contact Quilt Show” in the Drop-Down menu under Quilt Show.

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